As a volunteer-based organization, we thrive on the support and generosity of our members, as they give of their time as coaches, officials, club leaders and executives, supportive parents and dedicated athletes. Learn more about how you can be involved in our vibrant community supporting amateur athletics.


Parent Volunteers Needed. Interested in getting involved? Your help will be greatly appreciated in the following areas:


To assist on ice where needed. If you are interested in coaching and getting your speed skate coaching certification, please see the executive.


To make meets run smoothly we need officials, both on ice and off. We need meet coordinators, referees, starters, corner judges, place judges, timers, lap counters, clerks-of-the-course, to name a few. Again, the club will cover certification costs. Please talk to Stuart Gibbs for more information.

Committee Work

For those who like to work behind the scenes, we are especially keen to find people interested in helping with hospitality, fundraising, and all the other committees listed on pg.6.


And for those of you who would rather not step on the ice (and believe me, there’s lots of us) - there’s plenty of off ice help needed. For instance it will take dozens of willing volunteers to host our Provincial Cup meet in November and the Southern Regional Championships Feb. 28 - Mar. 1.

*If you have any special skills or can access any equipment or services that you think may help our sport, please let us know.


  • Club Coach: Donna Bilous
  • Assistant Coach: Derek Chizawsky

Bette Roberts is our head coach and oversees all club programs on/off the ice. She is a certified Level 3 Speed Skating coach.

Club Executive

Your executive, who are all volunteers, meet once a month to deal with any and all business required to keep the club running smoothly. If you have any questions or concerns, you are encouraged to contact any member of the executive.

Please direct all questions regarding competitions, travel, and funding to the executive.
Email us at


Meet Co-Ordinator

  • Responsible for setting up and running of a competition.


  • Is in charge of the competition on race day.
  • Ensures rules are followed.
  • Works with assistant referees.


  • Calls skaters to start line.
  • Starts races with commands.
  • “Go to Start”
  • “Ready” “Bang” (gunshot).
  • Ensures that competitors have a fair start.
  • Will recall start of he/she feels a skater has been interfered with prior to the 3rd marker on the first corner.

Clerk of the Course

  • Lines up skaters several races in advance to ensure that the meet runs smoothly and on time. Requires co-operation of skaters being ready.
  • Races are not held up for anyone!

Place Judge

  • Checks skater number at start line, makes decision as to placement of racers as they finish the race.


  • Using a stop watch, records each skater’s time in each distance.

Patrol Judges

  • Watch for skating inside markers on course, and replaces markers when necessary.


  • Each club has a coach in a specially designated area. Only the Coach may approach the referee on behalf of the skater.

Lap Recorder

  • Shows skaters how many laps left to skate.
  • Stands by the boards near the finish line, holding up large number cards that tell the skaters how many laps are left.
  • Rings bell for final lap.

Travel Committee


  • Meet at start of season, with input from coaches, to project travel plans for the season, taking budget, policy, and criteria into account.
  • Corresponds with parents/skaters early in the season to outline travel plans and funding policy.
  • Make all arrangements as required for members traveling to away events and to do so well in advance. These arrangements include:
    • naming team manager
    • booking airline flights
    • booking accommodations
  • Ensure safety clearance checks are filed by team managers who accompany skaters to away events
  • Summarize season’s travel activities for club membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in April.

Membership Fees

Revised Membership Fee Structure for 2016/2017 Season

Group Fee Recommendation Ice Schedule

Placed in group according to ability on recommend of Head Coach (2 sessions per week)

$600 To be determined following the ice users meeting

(3 sessions per week)

$900 To be determined following the ice users meeting
Senior and Special Olympians

(3 sessions per week)

$900 To be determined following the ice users meeting
Active For Life (AFL)

Age 30 and over
(3 sessions per week)

Skater will also be responsible for BCSSA fees. Must have own skates. Travel funding not available. Master skaters do not qualify for family discounts.
Pre-arranged with the coach. If skater meets head coach criteria could be moved up to 3 times weekly. Will be registered after skaters return to determine how many will be allowed, in order to keep within minor sport group requirement.
Outside Skaters

Placed in group according to ability on recommend of Head Coach. Must have own skates.

$200.00 / season or Drop-In $10.00 per session Wednesday only for Outside Skaters. Wednesday only for Drop-In
$20 per Associate. Executive recommends both parents are members.
Calgary Based Skaters
BCSSA/SSC fees only Ice fees waived, skater responsible for Oval fees.
National Team Skaters
Club pays BCSSA/SSC fees. SSC pays Oval ice fees.
Incentive – Members bringing new skaters to club before Christmas, and remaining in good standing til end of season, will qualify for $25 credit for each new registered skater. Credit to be applied to registration for next season.

Skaters will be given a credit of $25.00 for any new member they bring to join Matsqui Blades before the last practice in December 2016. These members must join as full members for the remainder of the season.

The club must register all members with our provincial association (BCSSA) and our national association (SSC), for insurance purposes and to gain access to technical and administrative staff.

Programs and Registration

For more information about our programs and registration, please refer to the Programs page.